Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Naught to Hinder

So much to distract...
so many things in this life that matter little to turn us aside from that which matters most.  AND IT SEEMS TO GROW MORE AND MORE EACH DAY!
Naught shall I allow to rob
a joy that can't be told!
It is that joy unspeakable
as prophesied of old!!
Instilled so deep within that naught
of this world can encroach,
yet not so deep that, unto others,
it cannot approach!

So I will take that joy inside
that words cannot portray
unto a world that has it not,
unto them to convey!
Oh, the blessings that await
for them to understand:
it is all available
from The Master's hand!

"Unspeakable and full of glory"
long ago was told!
How grateful am I that I am
a member of His fold!
Thus, I am assured such joy
so very deep within!
Won't you, too, abide in it
by being born again?

By being born again.  That is the one, sure way of obtaining that joy that will escort you through any and all of the circumstances of this life...with little distraction!
Joy unspeakable.  His Name is JESUS!!

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