Sunday, July 30, 2017

Life is Good. Heaven is better!

Life is good.  However, for some people, eternity is better!
So many are the promises in The Bible about what He has waiting for us when we finish the course.  That is what we are to look forward to as we run the race.

Eternity ahead.
"Paradise," it's said.
No more trial or pain,
just one endless, sweet refrain!
Christ will escort us there!
Ignore the "when" and "where"
looking forward that That Day
He'll carry us away!

Until That Day ahead,
make sure you're Spirit-led
by trusting in His lead--
His Living Word to heed!
For such will make life here
abundant and more clear!
A shade of what awaits
beyond those Pearly Gates!

This life is not perfect...but it is still good!  God will be present with us throughout eternity.  However, don't forget to enjoy His Presence here until That Day!  And do what it takes to assure your spot in Heaven--ask Jesus into your heart and become born-again!

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