Thursday, July 27, 2017

In trial

Not again!  Once again, I find myself in that place that we all seem to dread.  But is it always a waste of time?

In trial yet once more...

weary, weak and sore...
when is the end to be?
Seeing, I cannot see.

Such pain and stress I own,
but I am not alone!
Jesus is at my side!
Through this, He is my Guide!

Through this trial.  THROUGH this trial.  That means that it is not permanent!  No matter how deep the valley or how painful the wound, it is NOT permanent!  BUT JESUS IS!  And I will cling to Him with all I am as He escorts me THROUGH this speed bump.
Are you going through a trial?  Make sure it is something that you are merely "going through" and do not take up residence there!  Live in Jesus, instead!  For He is ready and willing to live in your heart.  Let Him in!

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