Saturday, July 8, 2017


Time is fleeting.  Don't waste it.  There is so much work to be done before there is no more time "as we know it!"
That scares a lot of people.  Others could care less.  Still others, however, are filled with excitement and expectation...

Looking forward to That Day,
the day that's sure to be,
when, the face of Jesus Christ
will smile on such as we!
He said that He will greet us with
"Well done!  Come, enter in..."
"How long?" the soul of us to cry,
before it shall begin?
But One alone to answer that,
and He's not gonna tell!
However, He gives many signs
for us to know it well!
Don't ignore the many signs
lest you get left behind!
To meet Him face-to-face That Day--
for such were we designed!

Again....He comes!
Since time is beyond Him, He's coming right now!  Are YOU ready?  I know I am and I pray that you are too!

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