Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Higher thoughts

Thinking of Heaven.
It is God Who gets us through the day...no matter what that day contains.  He does so in order to prepare us for the life He has for us beyond this one.  I know that there are people RIGHT NOW going through things that are more painful than I may ever face.  He is right there with them!  This I can say of a truth because He has been right here with us as we have gone through similar things!
But why?

Once again I contemplate
about another place.
There will be no disasters there,
no challenges to face!
Nor be there sickness or disease
to torture and afflict;
Instead, perfection finally
forever to inflict!

Once again, I contemplate
about His Heaven land.
There is so very little I'm
allowed to understand.
Save that which He reveals to me
in whisper and in Word-
for then, that very perfect peace,
unto me, is occurred!

Once again, I contemplate
my Father's blessed reward:
forever in a Perfect Place
because we serve the Lord!
Such as this to hearken me
"Press on unto That Day,
and do my best to touch all others
on the Narrow Way!"

No matter what you are going through right now...no matter what kind of trial you are in or you are facing, God is fully aware of it.  And He promises that it will be worth it all if we but continue to press on through it all with Him!

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