Saturday, July 1, 2017


I made a mistake.
I screwed up.
I blew it.
Why do I expect perfection from certain people, and less of certain others?  In doing so, am I being fair?

Mercy--He has got a Name,
and often I must call!
To see myself above reproach--
it takes a lot of gall!
To see the same in others?  No!
For I must overlook,
lest, in the eyes of Jesus Christ,
I should be forsook.

Mercy--O I know it well,
on it do I depend!
The very least that I can do then
is, the same, extend!
Regardless of the person,
regardless the event,
grace and mercy from the heart
should be the right extent.

Expecting perfection from certain people...what about myself?  I am the first to know if I screwed up, or maybe didn't give it my all.  How hard am I on myself then?

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