Monday, July 17, 2017

Evening Rewards

Again, I feel led to write about the glory of His Presence in the beauty of this evening.  However, since God is above, beyond and immune from all time, are they pointless words?

So gentle are the rays that are remaining
as they kiss "Goodnight" to branch and bough.
Yet beautiful, the light each are retaining-
God is right here, should I ask Him "How?"
But so much of creation's yet abounding
as, His vesper visit, I enjoy!
I only take it in as we're conversing,
none of my own "wondering" to employ!

He is aware of everything this day was,
yet He asks me about it anyway.
He pays attention to our conversation,
He listens close to everything I say;
but greater, we respond unto each other-
conversing with Him NEVER be "one-way!"
And, once again, we savor one another-
what a wondrous way to end the day!

The reality of time passing by.
The reality of Jesus in my life!
I certainly pray that you have such a relationship with God!  He so desires to have the same with you!
Ask Him into your heart if you have not already done so.  His love and Presence change everything...for the BEST!

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