Friday, July 14, 2017

Continue to Press On

What mighty God we serve!
Once again today, the joy of the Lord was challenged by someone.  After talking, my joy remains, but I wonder how far the words went with him?

Situations happen,
issues rise and fall;
the source of "joy secure" however,
is on the Lord to fall!
This world, as we know it now,
will always have its pain,
but we can stay above it all
as Christ--He is our gain!
For knowing that He is within,
secure inside the heart,
enables us to face the trial
and not fall apart.
Jesus Christ--our confidence
and our security,
is in, above, below, before
and behind such as we!

This life is full of "circumstances"
seeking out our joy.
We cannot let it drain us,
we can't let it annoy!
And we don't have to with King Jesus
seated on our hearts--
for He, alone, that "joy secure,"
unto us each imparts.

The challenge today was "there's no way you can be this happy with the conditions you have."  I told Him that my joy is in The Lord, and He never changes!  My health may status may ________ may change, but God remains the same, and HE IS GOOD!
I pray that those truths fell on the good soil.

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