Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Big or small...

There are temptations for each of us in this life.  They differ for us each...but they are traps nonetheless.

The biggest lie that I can tell
is what I tell my heart...
the greatest crimes that I commit
are those I do "apart;"
once I open up that door
to "no one else will know..."
the crime that follows matters not-
integrity will go!
"No one will get hurt by this..."
is the biggest lie;
thus I've already hurt myself--
my pride to vilify.
Once that door is open it's
more difficult to close;
iniquity gets easier--
it matters not who knows!

Regardless of the magnitude,
we KNOW that sin is sin!
For Christ would have us cling to Him
and not even begin!
It matters not the size of it...
it matters not who sees...
we know what's right inside our hearts--
hold fast our destinies!

God hears.  God sees.  God knows.  But YOU know, too, and every time you ignore that you are not only deceiving yourself but you are undermining a glorious destiny!
CLING TO CHRIST--His Word, His ways, His love and His destiny for your life!

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