Thursday, July 20, 2017


You are so faithful...while I am not always that faithful to You....
You are so generous...while I am so selfish...
You make incredibly beautiful things...I pass right by them trying to get to where I am going...
You give me words that edify You and amplify Your creation.  Because I expect You to help me whenever I pick up a pen, do I take that gift for granted? 
I hope not!

"Here You are again as I get ready
to capture words and send them everywhere.
I know that You are faithful to provide them--
does that mean that I display less care?
Does the confidence that I have in You
make it seem a gift, for granted, taken?
I know that if it were not for Your Presence
these pages would be empty and forsaken!

Here You are again as I get ready
to assemble rhythm and a rhyme.
Let my "confidence" be never cocky,
lest I be out of ink and out of time!
For it is You alone providing talent.
Therefore, to You alone, the glory be!
Thank You for allowing me to use this
to talk about Your grace and Majesty!"

For GOD'S glory, not my own...
it is HIS talent, not my own...
I am using HIS tools, not my own...
Everything I have that causes these words to come together and flow is given me by God and His grace.
I thought about saying that the only thing I bring to the table in all this is "time," but if He had not given life back to me those few times that I was pronounced "dead," I would have no time to give.  So I strongly declare "It's all God!" when anyone comments on these words!

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