Saturday, July 29, 2017

Above time

How can we fathom fully The God Who loves us completely?  Sure, we may grasp the concept of His love with our minds, but what about His time?

No matter what the hour...
regardless of the day...
no situation rises where
God won't provide a way!
Regardless of whose fault it is
He never leaves our side;
so fortunate are we to have Him
dwelling deep inside!
For time--it does not matter!
Our Help is He ALWAYS!
Knowing He is in control
frees us to give Him praise!
Even in the bleakest of
our human circumstance,
He will be our everything
if we give Him the chance!
So trust Him in that hour?
No!  But trust Him all the day!
No thing will happen to you that
will cause our God to sway!
He is already there where
situations all are passed,
and He sees us, victorious--
our faith in Him amassed!

God is available to us...and for us 24/7.  It is so hard for some of us to fathom that because He is greater than time, and we give "time" such a prominent place in this life!  Just remember, whatever is going on, God is ALWAYS!

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