Monday, July 31, 2017

Peace at last

Peace at last.
Not that I lack peace, but sometimes the day is so hectic that I cannot savor peace until the day is almost over.  Such was the case today, so it is now that peace prevails.

Peace to know as afternoon
becomes the early eve;
the cares that filled the day begin
to dissipate and leave.
Comes the One Whose been with me
through everything that was,
for He provides me greater peace
and rests with me because.

Yes, I know Him Whose Name is Peace,
and He's with me always.
He is right here inside of me
regardless of the days!
No time or situation could
drive Him away from me!
And He provides, in times of stress,

a way for me to see!

Peace and Peace are with me as
I watch the evening form.
He even makes the little birds
on branches to perform!
And He is here to visit for
as long as it may take
to recover from the day--
a lovely night to make!

I know the One Who provides peace, but His is not dependent on anything in this life!  His is continuous--because He is above time.  I certainly pray that YOU know The Peace I am talking about.  His Name is Jesus!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Life is Good. Heaven is better!

Life is good.  However, for some people, eternity is better!
So many are the promises in The Bible about what He has waiting for us when we finish the course.  That is what we are to look forward to as we run the race.

Eternity ahead.
"Paradise," it's said.
No more trial or pain,
just one endless, sweet refrain!
Christ will escort us there!
Ignore the "when" and "where"
looking forward that That Day
He'll carry us away!

Until That Day ahead,
make sure you're Spirit-led
by trusting in His lead--
His Living Word to heed!
For such will make life here
abundant and more clear!
A shade of what awaits
beyond those Pearly Gates!

This life is not perfect...but it is still good!  God will be present with us throughout eternity.  However, don't forget to enjoy His Presence here until That Day!  And do what it takes to assure your spot in Heaven--ask Jesus into your heart and become born-again!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Above time

How can we fathom fully The God Who loves us completely?  Sure, we may grasp the concept of His love with our minds, but what about His time?

No matter what the hour...
regardless of the day...
no situation rises where
God won't provide a way!
Regardless of whose fault it is
He never leaves our side;
so fortunate are we to have Him
dwelling deep inside!
For time--it does not matter!
Our Help is He ALWAYS!
Knowing He is in control
frees us to give Him praise!
Even in the bleakest of
our human circumstance,
He will be our everything
if we give Him the chance!
So trust Him in that hour?
No!  But trust Him all the day!
No thing will happen to you that
will cause our God to sway!
He is already there where
situations all are passed,
and He sees us, victorious--
our faith in Him amassed!

God is available to us...and for us 24/7.  It is so hard for some of us to fathom that because He is greater than time, and we give "time" such a prominent place in this life!  Just remember, whatever is going on, God is ALWAYS!

Friday, July 28, 2017


Fear not.  How?  By trusting in God.  For He is right there with you even when there is nothing to cling to!  That takes courage!

My courage, it is NOT my own,
it's given from my Source.
He is alive inside of me,
and everywhere, of course!
In the same, I draw my strength--
and His shall waver not!
Yes, I be strong and take courage
from God--The Source I've got!

Be strong and take courage, ye,
all ye who know Him true!
He will empower every time
'cause He's right there with you!
Fear not...FEAR NOT--not even in
the "plain" of "every day!"
Your courage--it is Jesus Christ--
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

In the Word* we are admonished to "be strong, and take courage!"  If it were impossible, it would not be in there!  But it IS possible, and God enables us to do so!  But it is US who must take the first step, and God will do the rest.
Be courageous!
*Deuteronomy 31:6

Thursday, July 27, 2017

In trial

Not again!  Once again, I find myself in that place that we all seem to dread.  But is it always a waste of time?

In trial yet once more...

weary, weak and sore...
when is the end to be?
Seeing, I cannot see.

Such pain and stress I own,
but I am not alone!
Jesus is at my side!
Through this, He is my Guide!

Through this trial.  THROUGH this trial.  That means that it is not permanent!  No matter how deep the valley or how painful the wound, it is NOT permanent!  BUT JESUS IS!  And I will cling to Him with all I am as He escorts me THROUGH this speed bump.
Are you going through a trial?  Make sure it is something that you are merely "going through" and do not take up residence there!  Live in Jesus, instead!  For He is ready and willing to live in your heart.  Let Him in!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Naught to Hinder

So much to distract...
so many things in this life that matter little to turn us aside from that which matters most.  AND IT SEEMS TO GROW MORE AND MORE EACH DAY!
Naught shall I allow to rob
a joy that can't be told!
It is that joy unspeakable
as prophesied of old!!
Instilled so deep within that naught
of this world can encroach,
yet not so deep that, unto others,
it cannot approach!

So I will take that joy inside
that words cannot portray
unto a world that has it not,
unto them to convey!
Oh, the blessings that await
for them to understand:
it is all available
from The Master's hand!

"Unspeakable and full of glory"
long ago was told!
How grateful am I that I am
a member of His fold!
Thus, I am assured such joy
so very deep within!
Won't you, too, abide in it
by being born again?

By being born again.  That is the one, sure way of obtaining that joy that will escort you through any and all of the circumstances of this life...with little distraction!
Joy unspeakable.  His Name is JESUS!!

Sunday, July 23, 2017


As afternoon slips by, I ponder the One, True God that we celebrated together again this morning.  So many words and verses come to heart as I am led to write

More power than could ever be
avails itself now unto me.
Not only now, but constantly
this Omnipotence to be!

Not to me, alone, indeed,
but unto any that would plead!
E'en the weakest call to heed
is Him Who meets mine every need!

Jesus--the Omnipotent,
The Savior that is Heaven-sent,
imploring me to so repent
from my nature, nether-sent.

"And Lord, Thy calling shall I heed,

as You, unto Him, intercede
that naught, Thy blessing, shall impede,
nor to hinder meeting need!"

Yea, our Father God of love

reigning in the heights above,
and The Spirit, like a dove,
shall accolades of praise be of!

"The Threesome of the Godhead true,

with my Mediator You,
recipients of worship due
for this, my heart, so very true!"

A glorious morning singing and learning more about God the Father, Son and Spirit and His wonderful ways!  He is so simple and so complex that there will ALWAYS be something new about Him every time we go to Him!


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Pleasing Faith

Faith--it is so pleasing
to Him Who gives the same!
To exercise it in this life
brings glory to His Name!
To exercise it in this life
is crucial to our own!
If you find you are lacking faith,
well, you are not alone.
But do not give up on the same,
express that need to God.
Your candor and your honesty
He surely will applaud.
And He will bless you with that measure
necessary so;
all you must do is humble yourself
and, unto Him, go.

Faith--it's necessary,
your Father God, to please.
It's not a "temporary" thing
that we use to appease;
it is way of life until
we meet Him in That Place
that He's created for the faithful
out of His great grace!

It is one thing, (a very easy thing,) for me to sit here and write of great faith.  It is a completely other thing for me to be out there in the world LIVING by faith.  But I do it.  And so can you as you seek Him more and more.  For His Word says that "He is the Rewarder of those who diligently seek Him."  This is Truth.  Take it from me!

Thursday, July 20, 2017


You are so faithful...while I am not always that faithful to You....
You are so generous...while I am so selfish...
You make incredibly beautiful things...I pass right by them trying to get to where I am going...
You give me words that edify You and amplify Your creation.  Because I expect You to help me whenever I pick up a pen, do I take that gift for granted? 
I hope not!

"Here You are again as I get ready
to capture words and send them everywhere.
I know that You are faithful to provide them--
does that mean that I display less care?
Does the confidence that I have in You
make it seem a gift, for granted, taken?
I know that if it were not for Your Presence
these pages would be empty and forsaken!

Here You are again as I get ready
to assemble rhythm and a rhyme.
Let my "confidence" be never cocky,
lest I be out of ink and out of time!
For it is You alone providing talent.
Therefore, to You alone, the glory be!
Thank You for allowing me to use this
to talk about Your grace and Majesty!"

For GOD'S glory, not my own...
it is HIS talent, not my own...
I am using HIS tools, not my own...
Everything I have that causes these words to come together and flow is given me by God and His grace.
I thought about saying that the only thing I bring to the table in all this is "time," but if He had not given life back to me those few times that I was pronounced "dead," I would have no time to give.  So I strongly declare "It's all God!" when anyone comments on these words!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Big or small...

There are temptations for each of us in this life.  They differ for us each...but they are traps nonetheless.

The biggest lie that I can tell
is what I tell my heart...
the greatest crimes that I commit
are those I do "apart;"
once I open up that door
to "no one else will know..."
the crime that follows matters not-
integrity will go!
"No one will get hurt by this..."
is the biggest lie;
thus I've already hurt myself--
my pride to vilify.
Once that door is open it's
more difficult to close;
iniquity gets easier--
it matters not who knows!

Regardless of the magnitude,
we KNOW that sin is sin!
For Christ would have us cling to Him
and not even begin!
It matters not the size of it...
it matters not who sees...
we know what's right inside our hearts--
hold fast our destinies!

God hears.  God sees.  God knows.  But YOU know, too, and every time you ignore that you are not only deceiving yourself but you are undermining a glorious destiny!
CLING TO CHRIST--His Word, His ways, His love and His destiny for your life!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Glory, glory, glory, glory
unto Christ upon His throne!
He is fit for adoration!
Worship--it is His alone!
Too many are the counterfeits
men choose to worship in the day!
None be worthy of the heart
like Christ--the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Glory,, glory, glory, glory
unto Christ--above it all!
Being God Himself, He has
the means, the wherewithal
to meet the go beyond
and see into the heart--
there to see the very root
and properly impart!

"Glory!  Glory!  Glory!  Glory!"
ever shall I sing
unto the God of all creation--
Right now, receiver of the song
assembled by my heart!
O join me in that song, my friends,
it never shall depart!

It never shall depart!  That song emanating from the depths shall never go away because He is The Source of it...and we will be with Him forever!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Evening Rewards

Again, I feel led to write about the glory of His Presence in the beauty of this evening.  However, since God is above, beyond and immune from all time, are they pointless words?

So gentle are the rays that are remaining
as they kiss "Goodnight" to branch and bough.
Yet beautiful, the light each are retaining-
God is right here, should I ask Him "How?"
But so much of creation's yet abounding
as, His vesper visit, I enjoy!
I only take it in as we're conversing,
none of my own "wondering" to employ!

He is aware of everything this day was,
yet He asks me about it anyway.
He pays attention to our conversation,
He listens close to everything I say;
but greater, we respond unto each other-
conversing with Him NEVER be "one-way!"
And, once again, we savor one another-
what a wondrous way to end the day!

The reality of time passing by.
The reality of Jesus in my life!
I certainly pray that you have such a relationship with God!  He so desires to have the same with you!
Ask Him into your heart if you have not already done so.  His love and Presence change everything...for the BEST!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Continue to Press On

What mighty God we serve!
Once again today, the joy of the Lord was challenged by someone.  After talking, my joy remains, but I wonder how far the words went with him?

Situations happen,
issues rise and fall;
the source of "joy secure" however,
is on the Lord to fall!
This world, as we know it now,
will always have its pain,
but we can stay above it all
as Christ--He is our gain!
For knowing that He is within,
secure inside the heart,
enables us to face the trial
and not fall apart.
Jesus Christ--our confidence
and our security,
is in, above, below, before
and behind such as we!

This life is full of "circumstances"
seeking out our joy.
We cannot let it drain us,
we can't let it annoy!
And we don't have to with King Jesus
seated on our hearts--
for He, alone, that "joy secure,"
unto us each imparts.

The challenge today was "there's no way you can be this happy with the conditions you have."  I told Him that my joy is in The Lord, and He never changes!  My health may status may ________ may change, but God remains the same, and HE IS GOOD!
I pray that those truths fell on the good soil.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


God is so good!  AGAIN?  No, STILL!  His ways are not our ways.  His ways are above and GREATER than our ways!  However, He loves us so much that He would NEVER treat us as if He is above us.
One of His promises is that He will replace what the enemy has stolen.  He proved that to us again today!

"Father God, You own all things!
You prosper us each day!
Even when we make mistakes,
like "seeking our own way,"
You see beyond short-sightedness,

(or what else we should lack,)
eventually providing it,
or even paying back!
The enemy may harm us,
but temporary so.
For You have got the final say,
and He must surely go!
And that which he has stolen,
what we lack or what we need,
You repay out of Your heart,
and, always, You exceed!

Father, I am grateful You're
aware of everything!
You see to our existence, Lord,
and, of You, do we sing!
It is a song eternal, Lord,
because You never end!
A song of love to only You-

Yes, we are so blessed!  Stay faithful to Him and He will stay faithful to you.  Even when we slip on that, He is still THE loving, giving God.  It's His nature!  Get to know Him more and more and He will cause you to want more and more of Him!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Higher thoughts

Thinking of Heaven.
It is God Who gets us through the matter what that day contains.  He does so in order to prepare us for the life He has for us beyond this one.  I know that there are people RIGHT NOW going through things that are more painful than I may ever face.  He is right there with them!  This I can say of a truth because He has been right here with us as we have gone through similar things!
But why?

Once again I contemplate
about another place.
There will be no disasters there,
no challenges to face!
Nor be there sickness or disease
to torture and afflict;
Instead, perfection finally
forever to inflict!

Once again, I contemplate
about His Heaven land.
There is so very little I'm
allowed to understand.
Save that which He reveals to me
in whisper and in Word-
for then, that very perfect peace,
unto me, is occurred!

Once again, I contemplate
my Father's blessed reward:
forever in a Perfect Place
because we serve the Lord!
Such as this to hearken me
"Press on unto That Day,
and do my best to touch all others
on the Narrow Way!"

No matter what you are going through right matter what kind of trial you are in or you are facing, God is fully aware of it.  And He promises that it will be worth it all if we but continue to press on through it all with Him!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Severe Love

We pray for strength...then we go through trials;
We pray for patience...and sometimes go through harder trials.
We tell God how much we love something or someone...and then they are gone!
Should we stop praying?

I thank You for the beauty of the valley,
even as I'm travelling the same!
Though I can't see the end or the beginning,
I will exalt and magnify Your Name!

I thank You for the grandeur of the mountains-
then realize it's something I must climb.
You're right beside through each elevation,
and I know that You are immune from time!

I thank You for the spectacle of the ocean-
then You ask me to step out of the boat!
I know that You're a good and loving Father,
thus, I will do it--no matter how remote.

The awe and splendor of Your grand creation-
You use it everyday for our own good.
We are so fortunate to call You "Father!"
For wherever we are, You have already stood.

Sometimes, we pray and it seems that God responds with exactly the opposite.  Do we stop praying?  No!  He does this to hone our hearts and make us to desire what He desires. 
Can you handle that kind of love?  It is often that "severe."

Saturday, July 8, 2017


Time is fleeting.  Don't waste it.  There is so much work to be done before there is no more time "as we know it!"
That scares a lot of people.  Others could care less.  Still others, however, are filled with excitement and expectation...

Looking forward to That Day,
the day that's sure to be,
when, the face of Jesus Christ
will smile on such as we!
He said that He will greet us with
"Well done!  Come, enter in..."
"How long?" the soul of us to cry,
before it shall begin?
But One alone to answer that,
and He's not gonna tell!
However, He gives many signs
for us to know it well!
Don't ignore the many signs
lest you get left behind!
To meet Him face-to-face That Day--
for such were we designed!

Again....He comes!
Since time is beyond Him, He's coming right now!  Are YOU ready?  I know I am and I pray that you are too!

Friday, July 7, 2017

That Very Special Time

Finally, that time set aside each day to be with God.  Today, it comes a bit late.  He's always present, though...

That very special time again
with Father, Spirit, Son.
I did so many things today
and they were in each one!
I could not know the victories
that happened on The Way,
without awareness of Him and
His ways throughout the day!

And now, in this most precious time,
we visit and we talk.
At any of our statements I
would have no cause to balk.
For He already knows me before
we have said a word!
Therefore, a very candid visit
always is occurred.

Memories are made as we
relax out on the deck.
He shows me as the stars appear
from just a little speck!
And we enjoy our special time
as evening comes to be.
The Father, Son and Spirit here
to visit even me!

That very special time with God.  Every day must have it...sometimes more than once!  I know that God will always be there.  The only issue is whether or not WE show up.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Obey The Spirit

Yesterday, I wrote that only the things that matter most get accomplished.  Today, as I yet reflect on those words, a thought occurred: matter to WHOM?

"Doing that which I feel led to do.
The calling of them that belong to You.
Regardless what it looks like in MY eyes,
obedience to Your lead is most wise!
Something that, so minor, would appear,
to someone else may be so very dear.
Even just a word so very kind
will make somebody's day new and refined.

That which matters--You, Lord, use it all.
Obedience--it is my greatest call!
Its importance is not up to me;
for there is only so much I can see.
Thus, Lord, will I follow hard Your voice.
I know it will cause someone to rejoice!
For that is what WE are created for--
obey the Spirit, be it less or more!"

That pretty much says it all.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

THAT Yearning!

We go about the day with a thousand things in our heads...per minute!  Somehow, when we lay our head down, only that which mattered most was accomplished?  It depends on how you start...

Today--so full, so free.
What shall our schedule be?
Each of us has a list,
thus does this life exist.
But in that time "today,"
that we've planned all the way,
is there time at all
for Jesus Christ to call?
If I go to Him first,
frank and unrehearsed,
much more "day" will get done
before is gone the sun!
Call Jesus at the start.
Talk to Him heart-to-heart.
For such, the heart so yearns
while sunrise slowly burns.

First light with THE Light, Jesus Christ.  Give Him your WHOLE day and see if the day does not go better!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


July 4th.
Here in this country it is great cause for celebration as we mark the anniversary of our freedom!  So many do it with fireworks; still others do it with gatherings and great food.  There be a myriad of ways to mark this day, but however you do it, don't lose sight of the ONLY One Who can provide true liberty: Jesus Christ.

Celebration in the skies!
Independence freely flies!
America we celebrate--
so very free, so very great!

A greater freedom does exist
and we are surely beneficed
by Jesus Christ, the giving Lord--
freedom in His Blood outpoured!

So celebrate with all your heart
and, surely, give the Lord His part
in celebrating liberty--
a country and a life so free!


Monday, July 3, 2017

On the deck

I watch afternoon turn into evening.  As I do, Jesus stands beside me and points out many things.  As we savor the view, my heart cries

Silence as I stare across the skies...
splendor in the moon upon the rise...
on the other side the sun is setting--
of this time there will be no forgetting!

Once again, His glory to behold
in so many ways...most untold!
But, as long as He provides each word,
His praise and adoration will be heard!

Silence IN the mighty even skies;
but praises from me, unto Him, shall rise!
"You are worthy of it all," I say!
Creator God--He's always on display!

Afternoon with The Lord.  What a beautiful time of day.
It is my prayer that each of you have such a wonderful time with Him at some point in your day!  He is never too busy for you!

Saturday, July 1, 2017


I made a mistake.
I screwed up.
I blew it.
Why do I expect perfection from certain people, and less of certain others?  In doing so, am I being fair?

Mercy--He has got a Name,
and often I must call!
To see myself above reproach--
it takes a lot of gall!
To see the same in others?  No!
For I must overlook,
lest, in the eyes of Jesus Christ,
I should be forsook.

Mercy--O I know it well,
on it do I depend!
The very least that I can do then
is, the same, extend!
Regardless of the person,
regardless the event,
grace and mercy from the heart
should be the right extent.

Expecting perfection from certain people...what about myself?  I am the first to know if I screwed up, or maybe didn't give it my all.  How hard am I on myself then?