Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What a Day!

Yes, what a day!  I was able to behold the hand of God, the face of God, even while going to do something that He told me to help with.

Soaring high upon return
of what today contained.
The mission was accomplished;
we left before it rained!
And now, here in a sky that seems
so void of any other,
I enjoy the scenery
constructed by my Brother.
The mountains and the valleys...
the rivers and the streams...
the solitude of silence as
I pass through the extremes!
My passengers today be Three:
The Father, Spirit, Son.
Accompany they constantly--
the work is never done.
But this day's work behind as I
prepare for us to land.
I know it be without event
as I am in His hand!
It's not without blessed memories
of what we've done today;
it's not without the company of
The Truth, The Life, The Way!

What did you do today?  Some would say I merely flew a few hours away to help a friend.  But with the others with me in the plane, it was far more than "just another flight!"

Have you ever answered with "Oh, I just _______________..." when asked what you did? 
Every day is brand new.  Every day is different.  Be excited that God allowed you to enjoy another different and new experience!

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