Friday, June 9, 2017

Too comfortable

On any given day, each of us has opportune to touch someone and change their lives.
To do that, do we depend on God to lead us, or do we merely follow "habit?"

People come and go...
how many do we know?
Even in this crowded place
to whom would I first go?
How many would I like to meet?
Just those who are like me?
Do only I associate
when I, familiar, see?

God has made so many,
and yet, not one the same?!
Why is it, therefore, that I know
such limit unto "Name?"
"But reaching out takes effort, God..."
"Lord, I don't have the time..."
"Tomorrow, Father, ___________..." thus, we deepen
that sad paradigm.

People come and go;
The "usual" we know.
But we must, further, reach
to get to know us each!
In God's great image all.
We have the wherewithal
to grow our list of "friends--"
on us, though, it depends.

We have an innate sense to gravitate toward them that are just like us.  That leaves a massive multitude out!  We CAN bless each other with ourselves if we would just go beyond "comfort zones!"
God called us to be obedient, not "comfortable."  He can provide that!

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