Friday, June 2, 2017

The Show

This special time of year.  Birds of many kind are singing and performing for all to enjoy!
Will YOU enjoy the show?

Finally, the hummingbirds

are plentiful once more!
They entertain the writer as
he leans against the door
and converses with his Father
Who created all.
It's an open conversation,
and He welcomes all!

This afternoon, though, it's We two

in talk that's not so deep.
We even laugh together and
we, often, gently weep.
It is a time so valuable--
a gift without a price;
a gift that is whenever I,
such time, would sacrifice.

Like early in the afternoon

when hummingbirds abound!
They ascend unto a point
then dive toward the ground!
Darting here and there at will
in orchestrated flight--
stopping briefly for that nectar
that brings them delight!

Pausing life to enjoy the antics of God's creation.  How fortunate are them that are able to enjoy such a show!  How fortunate are them that MAKE TIME for such a show!

Take a moment to enjoy them.  The work will get done.

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