Wednesday, June 21, 2017

That Road

"Life" happens again.  The kind of "life" that causes one to yearn for that life that He promised would be eternal...WITH HIM!
So much to do, however, until that day.

The road that we are travelling
is narrow, that's for sure;
but there are rough spots on that road
and hills we must endure!
But one thing that is certain,
one thing that makes me sing:
we do not travel it alone--
and, to that Truth, I cling!

That road is often painful,
but not all of the time.
The One Who travels with me, He
assists me with each climb.
He lifts me up if I should fall,
sometimes He carries me;
if I press on, He promises
I'll see the victory!

That road--for He created it
and He knows all we need
for all we will encounter,
assuring we'll succeed!
Ignore all the distractions,
press on the Narrow Way
and You WILL know victory
for that eternal day!

Whatever "life" happens, we must remain undaunted and do our best, pressing on in the works to which we are called.  Jesus Christ is coming, and it WILL be worth it all!

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