Saturday, June 17, 2017

Taking Action

That person is on my heart again--reaching out.
That lady is in a very bad situation--reaching out.
The man down the street needs to talk--reaching out.
Reaching out.
But it is only 'reaching out' if I do something about it, not just sit here at my desk and write about it!

How often has the Spirit spoken
and I have ignored?
How often have I seen the need
and said "I can't afford"?
How often do I see someone
and turn the other way,
already knowing what they want
and what they will say?

How often have I broke the heart
of Him who sent me there?
Why should He even take the time
to send me anywhere?
It is amazing just how close
is "...unto all the earth..."
if I must question this at all
has my faith any worth?

"How often?"  But I know the answer,
and I must improve!
To 'pick and choose' amongst them all
I know He'll disapprove!
I MUST stop judging them that I
am called to reach and love;
I must be like Him if I want
eternity above!

Reaching out.
I have a calling on my life.  I'll see you when I get back.

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