Sunday, June 4, 2017


Our relationship with Jesus.
So many people and places attempt to make it more complicated.  Why?  Some think I spend two hours in the Bible, then an hour on my knees praying and pleading, and then OUT POPS A POEM!
Why do we complicate His gifts?!

So very, very simple;
why, then, do most avoid
that moment in His Presence?
For there, you're overjoyed!

So very, very simple
so many times a day;
He even makes your schedule
and says, "Let's get away!"

So very, very simple--

you only must obey!
He has the perfect destination,
and He is THE WAY!

"It is too very simple
for the mind to grip..."
But override that stinking lie,
Into His arms to slip!
And know His sweet simplicity...
and know perfection true!
Jesus, Jesus Christ the simple;
He is right here for you!

Right here for even you.  All you must do is call His Name and He is right there...listening.

Of course we need to read His Word The Bible.  Of course we need to pray.  And that prayer can be simple, open doesn't even have to rhyme!  It is your heart He is listening to anyway.
Call the Name of Jesus and SIMPLY start talking!

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