Monday, June 19, 2017

Setting sun

Western sky so colorful
as moments slip away...
God to say "Goodnight" to us
in such an awesome way!
He knew what time I would behold
and painted such a sight;
He knows that, in His handiwork,
I take such great delight!

What a gift, straight from His hand,
to end this busy day!
I watch it as I visit with Him-
glory to convey!
Colors changing constantly,
but God remains the same
as He looks at me and tells me
"You are Mine to claim!"

So beautiful--His evening sky.
Even more beautiful--His Presence here with me.
The conversation we have is so memorable, and never one-sided! 
In your time with God each day, remember to give Him a chance to respond to what you say.  He will talk to you if you let Him.  He can even do it with a paintbrush in His hand!

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