Sunday, June 11, 2017

Our Inheritance!

O there is an inheritance--
it's yours and it is mine!
Such rich and lavish promises
secured by God Divine!
Riches that are far too great
than "riches" as we know!
He ceases not reminding me
each time, to Him, I go!
And even as I go about
the duties of the day,
He sends a sweet reminder that
He is my only stay!
Reminding me "Keep pressing on,
regardless of this life;
for I AM in complete control
above and through all strife!"

Yes, there is an inheritance
I belong to Him, therefore,
I know I have my claim!
I'll live a life of gratitude
to Him unto that Day;
militant for His great cause
that more should know The Way!

"Yea, I've been hearing that for years..."
"Oh, they've been saying that for as long as I can remember..."
Jesus is coming again!  And He is more than just a "fire escape!"  If we get saved and only look forward to what we'll get when He returns, WE'RE MISSING IT!  Jesus has so much for us to do before He returns--work AND play! 
Yes, Jesus is returning, but we can ENJOY Him constantly before then!  In good times and painful times, He is right beside you and knows exactly what He is doing!

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