Thursday, June 8, 2017

Normal Life...

Once again, God uses simplicity to get me to slow down and enjoy.
Trying to cram as much as I could into the day while it is dry and I have the time to, God found a way to slow me down.  (But I'm not blaming Him!)
Such a beautiful day.  Yesterday was a gift, also, but I was so tired from Tuesday that I didn't get much done here at the house.  I started on my list.  It was one of those lists where, on your way to get the first thing done, you notice something that wasn't on the list and do it.
FINALLY, I got to #1: mowing.  After about 30 minutes, I was on my last lap in the backyard.  It included the swing that hangs from the oak tree.  Normally, I bump it with the mower, it swings out of the way, and I cut the grass under it...NORMALLY!  Today, however, I bumped it with the mower, it caught the frame next to the front wheel, and before I knew it I was on my back with the front wheels up in the air!  I had three things go through my head:
Dad saying "Jimmy, you dum ****!"
Mom scolding Debby for letting me mow;
and that scene in the movie "Cars" where Mater and Lightning McQueen would sneak up behind the tractors and they roll back on their rear wheels!  (Get the movie!)
Debby yelled "HELP!" and came moving as fast as she could.
"Honey, let go of the steering wheel and let it fall!"
"I can't, dear, it will crack the frame when it hits the ground!"
I let it go and rolled out of the way.  She helped me up and we sat down for a while, thanking God that nothing got hurt.  (Or I just can't feel it yet!)
I did get my list done--with God's help and protection!  He made the birds to sing all the while we were outside.  He made sure that most of what I got done was in the shade.  And He enabled me to bless my neighbors by mowing the most difficult part of their yard for them.  (Don't tell them it was me!  I did it during their naptime!)
I did go back before I came in to see if the tree-climbing mower would start again.  It started right up!  Thank You, Jesus!
There are several things planned for tomorrow, but they are not so concrete that God can't interrupt me and steer me in another direction.  I know that He will either change my plans, or He will use me for His glory in the plans that I have made.
Can you be that pliable?  He could use someone just like you!  And you don't even need a mower!

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