Monday, June 12, 2017


Can you hear that?
I certainly pray that you can!  It is a sound containing so much life!

The silent and the still;
following His will.
I know the steps He made-
today, though, little shade.
Though silent be this day,
His voice escorts the way
that we are led to go-
His voice we clearly know!

Some days have little sound,
but God's words, they abound!
And God's ways, they are sure
to all who would endure!
For He calls each one near
in ways besides the ear.
Say then, will you respond?
Of you, He is so fond!

"His ways are not our ways..."  We have heard it all of our lives.  But I have found that His ways are far superior to my ways and they are always near...even if you cannot hear!  For God has ways to draw each of us that we understand.  Don't put Him off.  For He has something wonderful that you can obtain nowhere else!


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