Friday, June 30, 2017

I did my best

The day is over.
How many of us put in a full day and look back on it wishing we had done something differently?  Too many folks I talk to have regrets. 
However, I know a way to see it differently...
"I have done my best," I say,
I did what I could do.
My best was not quite good enough.
I did not make it through.
But You came back to get me,
going through what I could not...
I did not make it--yet the very
best I still have got!

It is a contest ultimate-
one that will ever rage.
Each of us are involved in it
though varied be each stage.
And varied be the effort put forth
by each one and all;
the victors be the ones that know
there is One Name to call!
His Name is Jesus--He is there
at any time at all!
Most only do so, though, when they
have given it their all!
But He is there for to assist you
all along the way!
Not just when you are out of breath
with little left to say.

"WE have done our best," I say
when I know I've done all;
for then, I know it's in HIS hands
and HE will make the call!
Do the best that you can do,
but let Him in also;
then, "your very best" will have
more victory to know!

Things go better with Jesus.
LIFE goes better with Jesus!
Whatever your time contains, invite Him along so that He can help you with it, enjoy it with you, and reap the benefits with you. 
He's ALWAYS available!

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