Thursday, June 1, 2017

He knows what's best!

One of the attributes of God that I so appreciate is that He is full of surprises! 
For years, of course, we have been taught and told that
"He changes not..."
"He is dependable..."
"He's the same yesterday, today, forever..."
Those are all tenets that we cling so dearly to.  But, by doing so, do we limit Him or put Him in a box somehow with our own thinking?
Of course, said tenets are true and beyond argument, but it may be our personal way of thinking that retains Him.  In a lot of lives, God is deeply yearning to "break out of the box!"

I know that He will meet the need,
but I do not know how...
I know that I'm already healed,
but will He show it now...
We know that He is coming,
we do not know when the blast...
there are so many expectations
that we have amassed!

But His ways are not our ways,

His time is not our time.
We expect 'the normal' while
He wants to give "sublime!"
We pray, we ask, we have in mind
the answer to each prayer,
but God, for He knows what He'll do
out of His perfect care!

He knows what is best.

I know I will be blessed.
I don't know what to say,
but it will be done His way!

Trust.  We must continue to trust Jesus, even when we don't understand what He says and does.  HE KNOWS WHAT IS BEST!


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