Sunday, June 25, 2017

Find THAT place!

Walking for awhile...almost there.  There is a special place I know where wonderful things happen. it is!  So beautiful!  Just look around.  I come here oft to escape, clear my head, and hear from Him.

So special is this sacred place;
I've come to know it well.
Peace, comfort, joy and answers-
here, they always dwell.
It is the secret place that God
prepared for me alone!
I've come to love this place so much
as, in Him, I have grown!

Whatever draws me to this place,
(or that which may compel,)
they are alleviated by
the One who's here to dwell.
He knew I would be coming and
He knows why I have come;
whatever it may be, I know
that He will have the sum!

"O thank You for the Secret Place
You've made for You and I.
I know You're here no matter how long
I would occupy!
I know that You are with me ALWAYS, but
this place that You have made,
it makes Yourself so very real,
and answers are displayed!"

Don't wait any longer, my friend!  Find that secret place where you have all of God's attention.  It is NEVER far away!  You may have to let go of something to get there, or leave a situation, but it is ALWAYS worth it!
Ask Him where it is today.  You'll be so glad you did!

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