Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day Again

That one day in June when we honor that man that helped give us life.  There are so many variables that come to mind when that is said, but no matter who we are, there can be ONE constant in every life...

When I think of "Father,"
I'm humbled and excited!
He's right here with my pen whenever
these words are recited!
He is right here BEFORE the words
to guide my searching heart;
He is so faithful as He makes
a message to impart!

I stand in awe!  I'm humbled.
I'm fortunate...I'm blessed
to have a Perfect Father,
with love that is the best!
I am so very gifted with
what comes from not another;
He makes Himself available--
He's closer than a brother!

When I think of "Father,"
so freely I converse.

He knows the very heart of me-
there's no need to rehearse!
So absolute, the honesty
between us on The Way.
O celebrate my God with me
upon this Father's Day!

Yes, I know that most of the world is thinking of their earthly father on this day, but don't forget Who is the only perfect Father and celebrate Him too!

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