Friday, June 16, 2017


A long way from home again, in a very large building, several stories up, I pass a window with so large a view that I felt I was on top of a hill...

How vast the panorama
upon a perfect day!
A sample of His handiwork
in radiant display!
The glory of that scenery
to quell the pen almost,
but He supplies so many words
to me to help me boast!
But "words" He has no need of,
(though I be so full of!)
He makes the sights and shows them to me
due abundant love!
He knows the words that I will pen,
He gave them, each and all;
but as I scan the current scape
His Name, alone, I call!

"Oh God, Ye great Creator
of that which I behold,
What You have made is glorious-
so subtle and so bold!
And grateful, I, for to receive
that which You now create!
Your artistry, Almighty God,
we ever celebrate!"

What a sight to capture me, to stop me in my day and remind me Whose I am!  Too, it was a pleasant reminder of His Presence...even that far out of town!


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