Saturday, June 3, 2017

Busy Weekend

First weekend in June.
"Summer" still a few weeks away.  You can't tell it though with the way the heat was today.
No complaints, though.  God is still good.  And His touch is still amazing!   And His ways are still beyond our ways.

Saturday approaching summer-
calendars aside!
Business had busyness
while they did abide.
People--o so very different...
people--all the same...
moving all...but just how many
move toward His Name?

There is so much for us to do
to fill a Saturday.
How many spend it seeking out
the Truth, the Life, the Way?
There are so many ways to find Him--
beautiful and new!
Make time to make sure His creation
is part of the view!

Saturday upon us,
folks of every kind
come through the line for payment-
but is that all they find?
I know that they spent time with God
one time today at least!
And it's my payer that they were blessed,
and their faith increased!

I know that they were in the Presence of God at least once today, because God is right here living in me!  Can people tell that God is alive in you when they are around you?

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