Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Any apprehension?

In being called to accountability, is there trepidation at all on your part?  Is there some secret area of your heart that you fear may be exposed?  No?!  Congratulations!  You are of a very minute, even elite, group!  For the rest of us, however, there is the grace of God that enables us to approach and even stand before Him.  THANK YOU, JESUS!

"Because of You, Lord Jesus,
my Savior and my Friend,
I have an audience with God
that shall not ever end.
Because of You, Lord Jesus, with Him
I can freely speak,
and even He responds to me-
For it is quite unique!
Because of You, Lord Jesus, and
the horrors You went through
I can ask Him as my Father,
and He'll tell me what to do!
Because of You, Lord Jesus, and
the love You demonstrate,
I can have relationship
that is so very great!
Because of You, Lord Jesus, and Your
mercy, grace and love,
I need not fear to go to God
about or up above!"

Because of Jesus.
If you have Him in your heart You can freely call on Father God and enjoy His company.  He is The Perfect Father, so the only "fear" you need have of Him is that reverential awe that He deserves!
Do you have that?  It's all provided when you ask Jesus into Your heart and become born-again!  What's stopping you?

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