Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Place for You

I know a lot of people who, when mentioning God as "Father," just turn away.  Some don't want anything to do with Him in that respect.  If that is you, you are missing oh so very much!

My Father--He accepts you
because of His great Love!
He even does approve of you
and places you above!
Your gifts--they are acceptable,
(they're from Him anyway!)
Father God--so wonderful,
He'll NEVER go away!

Our Father has a place for you
before this world rejects.
He has so much in store for you,
while, little, He expects!
The longer that you know Him, though,
the more you WANT to give;
in turn to cause His gifts to flow--
oh, what a way to live!

Father God--He is the "Daddy"
some may have never had.
Oh, but He is so much more
than just a "normal" dad!
He is Provider...He is Healer...
He is closest Friend!
Start with Him that relationship--
for it will never end!

If a father-figure is something that you find painful or even offensive, tell Him!!  He understands and will work with you because He loves you so much!  Tell Him.  He will listen to you...cry with you... laugh with you...He wants to be involved in every facet of your life.  He is all around you already, but you must invite Him in.

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