Friday, June 30, 2017

I did my best

The day is over.
How many of us put in a full day and look back on it wishing we had done something differently?  Too many folks I talk to have regrets. 
However, I know a way to see it differently...
"I have done my best," I say,
I did what I could do.
My best was not quite good enough.
I did not make it through.
But You came back to get me,
going through what I could not...
I did not make it--yet the very
best I still have got!

It is a contest ultimate-
one that will ever rage.
Each of us are involved in it
though varied be each stage.
And varied be the effort put forth
by each one and all;
the victors be the ones that know
there is One Name to call!
His Name is Jesus--He is there
at any time at all!
Most only do so, though, when they
have given it their all!
But He is there for to assist you
all along the way!
Not just when you are out of breath
with little left to say.

"WE have done our best," I say
when I know I've done all;
for then, I know it's in HIS hands
and HE will make the call!
Do the best that you can do,
but let Him in also;
then, "your very best" will have
more victory to know!

Things go better with Jesus.
LIFE goes better with Jesus!
Whatever your time contains, invite Him along so that He can help you with it, enjoy it with you, and reap the benefits with you. 
He's ALWAYS available!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Any apprehension?

In being called to accountability, is there trepidation at all on your part?  Is there some secret area of your heart that you fear may be exposed?  No?!  Congratulations!  You are of a very minute, even elite, group!  For the rest of us, however, there is the grace of God that enables us to approach and even stand before Him.  THANK YOU, JESUS!

"Because of You, Lord Jesus,
my Savior and my Friend,
I have an audience with God
that shall not ever end.
Because of You, Lord Jesus, with Him
I can freely speak,
and even He responds to me-
For it is quite unique!
Because of You, Lord Jesus, and
the horrors You went through
I can ask Him as my Father,
and He'll tell me what to do!
Because of You, Lord Jesus, and
the love You demonstrate,
I can have relationship
that is so very great!
Because of You, Lord Jesus, and Your
mercy, grace and love,
I need not fear to go to God
about or up above!"

Because of Jesus.
If you have Him in your heart You can freely call on Father God and enjoy His company.  He is The Perfect Father, so the only "fear" you need have of Him is that reverential awe that He deserves!
Do you have that?  It's all provided when you ask Jesus into Your heart and become born-again!  What's stopping you?

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Find THAT place!

Walking for awhile...almost there.  There is a special place I know where wonderful things happen. it is!  So beautiful!  Just look around.  I come here oft to escape, clear my head, and hear from Him.

So special is this sacred place;
I've come to know it well.
Peace, comfort, joy and answers-
here, they always dwell.
It is the secret place that God
prepared for me alone!
I've come to love this place so much
as, in Him, I have grown!

Whatever draws me to this place,
(or that which may compel,)
they are alleviated by
the One who's here to dwell.
He knew I would be coming and
He knows why I have come;
whatever it may be, I know
that He will have the sum!

"O thank You for the Secret Place
You've made for You and I.
I know You're here no matter how long
I would occupy!
I know that You are with me ALWAYS, but
this place that You have made,
it makes Yourself so very real,
and answers are displayed!"

Don't wait any longer, my friend!  Find that secret place where you have all of God's attention.  It is NEVER far away!  You may have to let go of something to get there, or leave a situation, but it is ALWAYS worth it!
Ask Him where it is today.  You'll be so glad you did!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Place for You

I know a lot of people who, when mentioning God as "Father," just turn away.  Some don't want anything to do with Him in that respect.  If that is you, you are missing oh so very much!

My Father--He accepts you
because of His great Love!
He even does approve of you
and places you above!
Your gifts--they are acceptable,
(they're from Him anyway!)
Father God--so wonderful,
He'll NEVER go away!

Our Father has a place for you
before this world rejects.
He has so much in store for you,
while, little, He expects!
The longer that you know Him, though,
the more you WANT to give;
in turn to cause His gifts to flow--
oh, what a way to live!

Father God--He is the "Daddy"
some may have never had.
Oh, but He is so much more
than just a "normal" dad!
He is Provider...He is Healer...
He is closest Friend!
Start with Him that relationship--
for it will never end!

If a father-figure is something that you find painful or even offensive, tell Him!!  He understands and will work with you because He loves you so much!  Tell Him.  He will listen to you...cry with you... laugh with you...He wants to be involved in every facet of your life.  He is all around you already, but you must invite Him in.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

That Road

"Life" happens again.  The kind of "life" that causes one to yearn for that life that He promised would be eternal...WITH HIM!
So much to do, however, until that day.

The road that we are travelling
is narrow, that's for sure;
but there are rough spots on that road
and hills we must endure!
But one thing that is certain,
one thing that makes me sing:
we do not travel it alone--
and, to that Truth, I cling!

That road is often painful,
but not all of the time.
The One Who travels with me, He
assists me with each climb.
He lifts me up if I should fall,
sometimes He carries me;
if I press on, He promises
I'll see the victory!

That road--for He created it
and He knows all we need
for all we will encounter,
assuring we'll succeed!
Ignore all the distractions,
press on the Narrow Way
and You WILL know victory
for that eternal day!

Whatever "life" happens, we must remain undaunted and do our best, pressing on in the works to which we are called.  Jesus Christ is coming, and it WILL be worth it all!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Setting sun

Western sky so colorful
as moments slip away...
God to say "Goodnight" to us
in such an awesome way!
He knew what time I would behold
and painted such a sight;
He knows that, in His handiwork,
I take such great delight!

What a gift, straight from His hand,
to end this busy day!
I watch it as I visit with Him-
glory to convey!
Colors changing constantly,
but God remains the same
as He looks at me and tells me
"You are Mine to claim!"

So beautiful--His evening sky.
Even more beautiful--His Presence here with me.
The conversation we have is so memorable, and never one-sided! 
In your time with God each day, remember to give Him a chance to respond to what you say.  He will talk to you if you let Him.  He can even do it with a paintbrush in His hand!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day Again

That one day in June when we honor that man that helped give us life.  There are so many variables that come to mind when that is said, but no matter who we are, there can be ONE constant in every life...

When I think of "Father,"
I'm humbled and excited!
He's right here with my pen whenever
these words are recited!
He is right here BEFORE the words
to guide my searching heart;
He is so faithful as He makes
a message to impart!

I stand in awe!  I'm humbled.
I'm fortunate...I'm blessed
to have a Perfect Father,
with love that is the best!
I am so very gifted with
what comes from not another;
He makes Himself available--
He's closer than a brother!

When I think of "Father,"
so freely I converse.

He knows the very heart of me-
there's no need to rehearse!
So absolute, the honesty
between us on The Way.
O celebrate my God with me
upon this Father's Day!

Yes, I know that most of the world is thinking of their earthly father on this day, but don't forget Who is the only perfect Father and celebrate Him too!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Taking Action

That person is on my heart again--reaching out.
That lady is in a very bad situation--reaching out.
The man down the street needs to talk--reaching out.
Reaching out.
But it is only 'reaching out' if I do something about it, not just sit here at my desk and write about it!

How often has the Spirit spoken
and I have ignored?
How often have I seen the need
and said "I can't afford"?
How often do I see someone
and turn the other way,
already knowing what they want
and what they will say?

How often have I broke the heart
of Him who sent me there?
Why should He even take the time
to send me anywhere?
It is amazing just how close
is "...unto all the earth..."
if I must question this at all
has my faith any worth?

"How often?"  But I know the answer,
and I must improve!
To 'pick and choose' amongst them all
I know He'll disapprove!
I MUST stop judging them that I
am called to reach and love;
I must be like Him if I want
eternity above!

Reaching out.
I have a calling on my life.  I'll see you when I get back.

Friday, June 16, 2017


A long way from home again, in a very large building, several stories up, I pass a window with so large a view that I felt I was on top of a hill...

How vast the panorama
upon a perfect day!
A sample of His handiwork
in radiant display!
The glory of that scenery
to quell the pen almost,
but He supplies so many words
to me to help me boast!
But "words" He has no need of,
(though I be so full of!)
He makes the sights and shows them to me
due abundant love!
He knows the words that I will pen,
He gave them, each and all;
but as I scan the current scape
His Name, alone, I call!

"Oh God, Ye great Creator
of that which I behold,
What You have made is glorious-
so subtle and so bold!
And grateful, I, for to receive
that which You now create!
Your artistry, Almighty God,
we ever celebrate!"

What a sight to capture me, to stop me in my day and remind me Whose I am!  Too, it was a pleasant reminder of His Presence...even that far out of town!


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Jesus, our Security!

Life.  More and more complicated it seems each day.  Life may be, but you don't have to go it alone...

"When my faith should waver,
when my belief is shaken,
into the security
of Your arms I am taken.
You hold me without wavering,
You cause me perfect peace;
until that point, You carry me,
and You do not release!

What wonderful security
Your Presence is, my Lord!
In Your wonderful embrace
I'm perfectly restored!
There's no rebuke for doubting,
no frown upon Your face;
but You praise me for turning to You-
grace--abundant grace!

That wonderful Security-
my Lord Jesus Christ!
Just one of the purposes
that You were sacrificed.
Just One of the reasons You
are so alive today!
Jesus, my security!
The Truth, the Life, the Way!"

So busy and so complicated life becomes each day.  So many things that we must learn and know and know how to unlearn when needed, but GOD REMAINS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER!
Make Jesus the Lord of your life!  It doesn't mean that everything in this life will go right from now on, but it does mean that You will have a Security that this world cannot provide, and He will NEVER leave your side, no matter what you go through!

Monday, June 12, 2017


Can you hear that?
I certainly pray that you can!  It is a sound containing so much life!

The silent and the still;
following His will.
I know the steps He made-
today, though, little shade.
Though silent be this day,
His voice escorts the way
that we are led to go-
His voice we clearly know!

Some days have little sound,
but God's words, they abound!
And God's ways, they are sure
to all who would endure!
For He calls each one near
in ways besides the ear.
Say then, will you respond?
Of you, He is so fond!

"His ways are not our ways..."  We have heard it all of our lives.  But I have found that His ways are far superior to my ways and they are always near...even if you cannot hear!  For God has ways to draw each of us that we understand.  Don't put Him off.  For He has something wonderful that you can obtain nowhere else!


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Our Inheritance!

O there is an inheritance--
it's yours and it is mine!
Such rich and lavish promises
secured by God Divine!
Riches that are far too great
than "riches" as we know!
He ceases not reminding me
each time, to Him, I go!
And even as I go about
the duties of the day,
He sends a sweet reminder that
He is my only stay!
Reminding me "Keep pressing on,
regardless of this life;
for I AM in complete control
above and through all strife!"

Yes, there is an inheritance
I belong to Him, therefore,
I know I have my claim!
I'll live a life of gratitude
to Him unto that Day;
militant for His great cause
that more should know The Way!

"Yea, I've been hearing that for years..."
"Oh, they've been saying that for as long as I can remember..."
Jesus is coming again!  And He is more than just a "fire escape!"  If we get saved and only look forward to what we'll get when He returns, WE'RE MISSING IT!  Jesus has so much for us to do before He returns--work AND play! 
Yes, Jesus is returning, but we can ENJOY Him constantly before then!  In good times and painful times, He is right beside you and knows exactly what He is doing!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Too comfortable

On any given day, each of us has opportune to touch someone and change their lives.
To do that, do we depend on God to lead us, or do we merely follow "habit?"

People come and go...
how many do we know?
Even in this crowded place
to whom would I first go?
How many would I like to meet?
Just those who are like me?
Do only I associate
when I, familiar, see?

God has made so many,
and yet, not one the same?!
Why is it, therefore, that I know
such limit unto "Name?"
"But reaching out takes effort, God..."
"Lord, I don't have the time..."
"Tomorrow, Father, ___________..." thus, we deepen
that sad paradigm.

People come and go;
The "usual" we know.
But we must, further, reach
to get to know us each!
In God's great image all.
We have the wherewithal
to grow our list of "friends--"
on us, though, it depends.

We have an innate sense to gravitate toward them that are just like us.  That leaves a massive multitude out!  We CAN bless each other with ourselves if we would just go beyond "comfort zones!"
God called us to be obedient, not "comfortable."  He can provide that!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Normal Life...

Once again, God uses simplicity to get me to slow down and enjoy.
Trying to cram as much as I could into the day while it is dry and I have the time to, God found a way to slow me down.  (But I'm not blaming Him!)
Such a beautiful day.  Yesterday was a gift, also, but I was so tired from Tuesday that I didn't get much done here at the house.  I started on my list.  It was one of those lists where, on your way to get the first thing done, you notice something that wasn't on the list and do it.
FINALLY, I got to #1: mowing.  After about 30 minutes, I was on my last lap in the backyard.  It included the swing that hangs from the oak tree.  Normally, I bump it with the mower, it swings out of the way, and I cut the grass under it...NORMALLY!  Today, however, I bumped it with the mower, it caught the frame next to the front wheel, and before I knew it I was on my back with the front wheels up in the air!  I had three things go through my head:
Dad saying "Jimmy, you dum ****!"
Mom scolding Debby for letting me mow;
and that scene in the movie "Cars" where Mater and Lightning McQueen would sneak up behind the tractors and they roll back on their rear wheels!  (Get the movie!)
Debby yelled "HELP!" and came moving as fast as she could.
"Honey, let go of the steering wheel and let it fall!"
"I can't, dear, it will crack the frame when it hits the ground!"
I let it go and rolled out of the way.  She helped me up and we sat down for a while, thanking God that nothing got hurt.  (Or I just can't feel it yet!)
I did get my list done--with God's help and protection!  He made the birds to sing all the while we were outside.  He made sure that most of what I got done was in the shade.  And He enabled me to bless my neighbors by mowing the most difficult part of their yard for them.  (Don't tell them it was me!  I did it during their naptime!)
I did go back before I came in to see if the tree-climbing mower would start again.  It started right up!  Thank You, Jesus!
There are several things planned for tomorrow, but they are not so concrete that God can't interrupt me and steer me in another direction.  I know that He will either change my plans, or He will use me for His glory in the plans that I have made.
Can you be that pliable?  He could use someone just like you!  And you don't even need a mower!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What a Day!

Yes, what a day!  I was able to behold the hand of God, the face of God, even while going to do something that He told me to help with.

Soaring high upon return
of what today contained.
The mission was accomplished;
we left before it rained!
And now, here in a sky that seems
so void of any other,
I enjoy the scenery
constructed by my Brother.
The mountains and the valleys...
the rivers and the streams...
the solitude of silence as
I pass through the extremes!
My passengers today be Three:
The Father, Spirit, Son.
Accompany they constantly--
the work is never done.
But this day's work behind as I
prepare for us to land.
I know it be without event
as I am in His hand!
It's not without blessed memories
of what we've done today;
it's not without the company of
The Truth, The Life, The Way!

What did you do today?  Some would say I merely flew a few hours away to help a friend.  But with the others with me in the plane, it was far more than "just another flight!"

Have you ever answered with "Oh, I just _______________..." when asked what you did? 
Every day is brand new.  Every day is different.  Be excited that God allowed you to enjoy another different and new experience!

Sunday, June 4, 2017


Our relationship with Jesus.
So many people and places attempt to make it more complicated.  Why?  Some think I spend two hours in the Bible, then an hour on my knees praying and pleading, and then OUT POPS A POEM!
Why do we complicate His gifts?!

So very, very simple;
why, then, do most avoid
that moment in His Presence?
For there, you're overjoyed!

So very, very simple
so many times a day;
He even makes your schedule
and says, "Let's get away!"

So very, very simple--

you only must obey!
He has the perfect destination,
and He is THE WAY!

"It is too very simple
for the mind to grip..."
But override that stinking lie,
Into His arms to slip!
And know His sweet simplicity...
and know perfection true!
Jesus, Jesus Christ the simple;
He is right here for you!

Right here for even you.  All you must do is call His Name and He is right there...listening.

Of course we need to read His Word The Bible.  Of course we need to pray.  And that prayer can be simple, open doesn't even have to rhyme!  It is your heart He is listening to anyway.
Call the Name of Jesus and SIMPLY start talking!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Busy Weekend

First weekend in June.
"Summer" still a few weeks away.  You can't tell it though with the way the heat was today.
No complaints, though.  God is still good.  And His touch is still amazing!   And His ways are still beyond our ways.

Saturday approaching summer-
calendars aside!
Business had busyness
while they did abide.
People--o so very different...
people--all the same...
moving all...but just how many
move toward His Name?

There is so much for us to do
to fill a Saturday.
How many spend it seeking out
the Truth, the Life, the Way?
There are so many ways to find Him--
beautiful and new!
Make time to make sure His creation
is part of the view!

Saturday upon us,
folks of every kind
come through the line for payment-
but is that all they find?
I know that they spent time with God
one time today at least!
And it's my payer that they were blessed,
and their faith increased!

I know that they were in the Presence of God at least once today, because God is right here living in me!  Can people tell that God is alive in you when they are around you?

Friday, June 2, 2017

The Show

This special time of year.  Birds of many kind are singing and performing for all to enjoy!
Will YOU enjoy the show?

Finally, the hummingbirds

are plentiful once more!
They entertain the writer as
he leans against the door
and converses with his Father
Who created all.
It's an open conversation,
and He welcomes all!

This afternoon, though, it's We two

in talk that's not so deep.
We even laugh together and
we, often, gently weep.
It is a time so valuable--
a gift without a price;
a gift that is whenever I,
such time, would sacrifice.

Like early in the afternoon

when hummingbirds abound!
They ascend unto a point
then dive toward the ground!
Darting here and there at will
in orchestrated flight--
stopping briefly for that nectar
that brings them delight!

Pausing life to enjoy the antics of God's creation.  How fortunate are them that are able to enjoy such a show!  How fortunate are them that MAKE TIME for such a show!

Take a moment to enjoy them.  The work will get done.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

He knows what's best!

One of the attributes of God that I so appreciate is that He is full of surprises! 
For years, of course, we have been taught and told that
"He changes not..."
"He is dependable..."
"He's the same yesterday, today, forever..."
Those are all tenets that we cling so dearly to.  But, by doing so, do we limit Him or put Him in a box somehow with our own thinking?
Of course, said tenets are true and beyond argument, but it may be our personal way of thinking that retains Him.  In a lot of lives, God is deeply yearning to "break out of the box!"

I know that He will meet the need,
but I do not know how...
I know that I'm already healed,
but will He show it now...
We know that He is coming,
we do not know when the blast...
there are so many expectations
that we have amassed!

But His ways are not our ways,

His time is not our time.
We expect 'the normal' while
He wants to give "sublime!"
We pray, we ask, we have in mind
the answer to each prayer,
but God, for He knows what He'll do
out of His perfect care!

He knows what is best.

I know I will be blessed.
I don't know what to say,
but it will be done His way!

Trust.  We must continue to trust Jesus, even when we don't understand what He says and does.  HE KNOWS WHAT IS BEST!