Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Very early.
So much already on the agenda for today.
However long that list is, I know exactly what belongs at the top...

I listen with a quiet heart
because I need to hear.
At times, even 'thoughts' distract,
but if I persevere
I receive the voice of God
as only He can speak.
It is a communication
that is quite unique!

"So quiet, ye my heart, that I
receive what God would say.
I know that there's a word or message
for my life today!
That time with Him in silence, it is
holy and so real!
For there do I receive instruction-
His will to reveal!"

Shutting out the things I must
that nothing would distract.
Savoring His Presence as
my senses all, react!

So priceless is that time given/made for God alone.  The most important time of the day.  It is my prayer that you give it priority in YOUR day, as well.

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