Monday, May 22, 2017

That Hour

Thinking of that hour, that moment when the skies split apart and Jesus returns.  Thinking of that hour?  No.  CRYING OUT FOR THAT HOUR!!

How long until He gives command
and time comes to an end?
Is there enough left for this man
to speak to one more friend?
Is there time for me to speak His Name
in influential ways?
Is there time for me to lift my arms
in adoration praise?

There is no way to know how much-
it differs for us each.
There is but one constant, though:
we each have time to reach!
Don't let the speed of life disturb
the jobs that are at hand.
Do all you can and know that only
God may understand!

No man knows the day and the hour.  We all look forward to the Trumpet Blast and His return.  It is the yearning of many a heart!  There is so much to do, though, until then. 
How committed are you?

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