Sunday, May 14, 2017

That gift from God

On this 'Mother's Day,' my mother be rejoicing in Heaven! 
There is another woman in my life, however, who is equally important and deserving of recognition: my beautiful wife!  She did her fair share of raising and caring for our kids... and me...and herself...and...and so much more!

The mother of my children--
she is a gift from God!
Her husband, friends and family
appreciate, applaud!
For she is one of virtue,
a child of The King;
her attributes, they flow from there;
and this day, of her we sing!

She gives much to so many
by working with her hands;
much talent and much duty,
(this husband understands!)
She's happy with simplicity,
(though many would forget;)
continues she so faithfully
to see that needs are met!

The mother of my children--
Though her plate would overflow,
a hand will she extend
sacrificing oh so much
to see to that of others.
She surely has a place if there's
a 'Hall of Fame' for mothers!

God made her by hand especially for me!  I thank Him daily as I pray for her, and share her with you with joy in words and verses!

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