Wednesday, May 31, 2017


"Life is full of storms."
We hear that from teachers and speakers from a very early age.  Life is also, however, full of blessings.  In this day and age, unfortunately, we seem to focus on the storms.
Fortunately, God is enabling us to see more and more of the blessings that COME FROM the storms.

How far away that evening storm
containing yet such flash?
So glorious, the light within;
so silent yet the crash!
He knows exactly what it brings
and all that it will do,
but our reaction--it remains
up to myself and you.

It could bring a tornado...
it could be rain so light...
it could cause a sheet of ice,
or snow whence we delight.
No matter what the storm contains
we are contained in Him,
and He will keep us in the storm,
yes, every one of them.

The evening storm approaches.
How will we react?
Will we panic for the damage
that it may exact?
Or will we press on with knowledge
And, no matter what the storm does,
He contains our soul!

There have been some violent nights and days around of late.  We wake up or go to bed with reports of damage and death from the weather. 
What to do about it? 
What CAN we do?          
We choose to pray, and ask God to show it all to us through His eyes.

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