Saturday, May 13, 2017

No stars!

Dark of night...overcast...lights out...but illumination is nonetheless.  It is because I am with Jesus my Light as we fellowship before bed...

Conversing with my Savior as
the moments come to pass;
reflecting on the verses I did,
earlier, amass.
So many words in beauty...
so many words alive...
He tells me even more, with
evening breezes to arrive.
And so many words in silence
as we are together.
Talk we Two about all things-
yes, even the weather.
But greater than mere words and talking,
we communicate!
Precious time with Christ my Savior,
yes, even this late!

It doesn't matter that I can't see anything.  I don't have to!  I know the safety of His Presence and the security of His company...ANY TIME!
Do you?

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