Friday, May 5, 2017


Across the way there are some folks,
I know them each by name.
They attend another church
with differences to claim...

Down the street there lives a man
I hardly ever see.
That's all that I know about him...
what does he know of me?

Around the corner lives a couple,
they treat us really good.
They always offer help.  Do I
thus offer what I should?

We all need each other, matter
not what separates.
When God asks if I gave my all
there will be no debates.

How did we become this way?
What is a "neighborhood?"
It used to mean we gathered and
watched for each others' good.

When someone waves and tells me "Hi!"
I wonder what they want.
Have we made it so that our homes
become our only haunt?

I thought about this a few weeks ago.  How many of us talk to our neighbors?  How many of us even know their names?  I was listening to "the coffee crew" at a restaurant recently talk about their neighbors and their neighborhood.  It was painful to hear.  Very few of them sounded happy.  How come?
Have I even reached out to my neighbors?  Am I even "reachable" myself.  How much guilt is visible if I must even ask these questions?

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