Thursday, May 4, 2017

National Day of Prayer

We are a people of prayer. May we never need a 'proclamation' to prove it! 
Though mentioning, ordaining and observing this day may be 'politically incorrect', it will not stop us! 

Upon my knees before the Great Almighty

upon my face with Jesus to defend;
upon my feet by Holy Spirit power,
so is our position to the end!

Spit upon by them that would oppose us,
ridiculed by wickedness on high;
persecuted even by the 'righteous,'
yet we tender adoration nigh!

"Gather we in boldness in the open,
proclaiming 'You are God, in You we trust!
You are over all of this great nation,
the fact You are aware can't be discussed!'
We turn, Lord, from the wickedness we savor!
In ashes, we desire to repent!
Each and every one of us is guilty!
Oh God, our every sin may we resent!

We are a nation blessed and highly favored.
Those blessings flow from You, oh God, alone!
You do not give us all that we desire,
nor what we deserve, oh Lord, is known!
No, You are a God of grace and mercy.
And we cry out to You but EVERYDAY!
Turn us back to what You would desire.
Here we are, oh Lord, please lead the way.

In JESUS' Name,

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