Sunday, May 21, 2017

More 'Wasted Time'

The view from this desk encompasses quite a bit of life.  A lot of it is on the wing.  A lot of THAT is of colors that easily elude this writer's vocabulary!
Creator God creating...

Listen to them sing!
So glorious, the spring!
Branches slowly dance-
the view for to enhance.
And those with gilded voice,
they gather and rejoice
about the lovely day
that God has on display!

The colors on the wing-
they would, the spectrum, bring
unto the seeing eyes-
again, the writer tries
to capture and contain
the words and the refrain
describing them so well...
Can ANY writer tell?

The branches and the limbs-
they hold such wondrous hymns
and colors to behold!
God's touch, once more, be told!

A colleague told me a while back that I waste too much time staring at things.  To him, I was merely "staring at things."  I am, however, beholding God's handiwork and receiving the wonder and glory of His creation...even if I can't describe it!
Have you "wasted time" lately?

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