Tuesday, May 30, 2017

More Living Truths

"O help us to live in the healing that You have already provided, Lord.
Help us to live in the reality of the Spirit instead of what is before our very eyes.
O Father, You were...You are...and You will be.  You are constant!   Help us to live in THAT reality!"
I am healed...even though it hurts sometimes.
I am wealthy...even though I may lack at times.
I am victorious...even though I may have setbacks.
I am a child of The King.  Does a king prevent his children from 'living?'  Of course not.  And part of 'living' sometimes means getting into trouble.  Even though I am royalty, I am not immune from 'life.'  I am, however, protected in this life by love that is availed through God and no other.  THE Father's love.

His arms wide open--lest I be

prevented from this life;
I have emotion--I know I must
turn to Him in strife!
I have desire--so I want to
spend much time with Him;
I have all this and He well knows--
He gave me all of them!
He made me how He wanted to,
with problems and with joys.
He made me to require Him
and make a joyful noise!
He made me to depend upon Him
as I go through life;
He made me for fellowship,
(and not just during strife!)

He made me, and He said "I love you

just the way you are!"
I look at Him and say "Without You,
I cannot get far!"
For He has given all we need
for every single day.
O tightly cling to Him Who is
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

More living truths.

We learn the reality of them as we daily live them out, and as He reveals them to us in His Word.
Learn them.
Practice them.
Draw people closer to Him as you live The Father's love in this life!

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