Monday, May 29, 2017

Just a holiday?

Today was a holiday.  Could you tell?

To get to these words only now
seems wrong!
But such has weighed upon my heart
but all, but all day long!
Those who had no work today,
they came through without end.
How many took time in reflection
of a hero and friend?

But to finally write down that
upon my heart all day.
Recording what comes as I listen
to Jesus Christ, The Way.
He brings to mind the names and faces
of them who gave all
sacrificing for their country--
answering the call.

"Ye fallen in the service
we so appreciate
what you've done for America
and others who relate.
Your honor be not overlooked
we thank God for you oft;
because of what you've done for us
our lives be yet aloft!"

What did you do today?  Did you accomplish everything that you set out to?  We are in a country where we are still free to do so...because of the selfless acts of others.
Remember them with me, won't you?

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