Friday, May 26, 2017

How can it be?!

The elements again.
I see it approaching and redouble my efforts to get things done before the storm hits!  The man across the valley, however, just continues doing what he must in spite of the weather!
What's wrong with ME?

The elements approach.
The violence to encroach!
ingredients for pain!

My neighbor down the way
is still out cutting hay!
The elements to phase?
His ways are not my ways!

We both serve the same God.
Our ways, though, be so odd!
And though MY day now ends,
we still remain great friends.

It's sprinkling now, yet he shows no signs of slowing down.  Is it habit?  Is it just the way I was taught?  Our ways differ in a lot of things, yet we still remain great friends.
How can that be?

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