Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Good Morning!" There

"Good morning!"  What will it be like,
that first time, for to know?
There is a promise in His Word,
to such a Place, we'll go!
Morning--there that glorious time
so present in that Place!
And spending all our living long
with Jesus--Lord of Grace!

Good morning--and all time will be
as He is only good!
We made the choice to serve Him here,
so that, rejoice, we could!
Around the throne of Jesus for
to spend eternity?
Or will He fill our ever after
with variety?

Good morning--but I cannot wait
to see my Jesus' face!
To hear "Well done, my good and faithful..."
as we're in embrace!
Whatever else He has in store
I know it shall be grand,
and He will show it to us each
as we walk hand-in-hand!


Good morning...good afternoon...good evening...regardless what time the Lord returns to get us, IT WILL BE GOOD!  And only 'good' will remain after that!

O, get excited, ye servant!  JESUS IS COMING!!

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