Saturday, May 6, 2017

"Even so, Lord, come..."

"Come back again, come back!
The world is out of whack!
For You alone will do.
'Come Back!' we cry to You!

Yes, even so, Lord, come.
Regardless of the sum.
We work until that Day
when You take us away!"

Yes, we work until that day.  Some may not even know that it's work.  For others, it is a great labor to live as if Jesus is living through us.  If that is you, pray about it.  Tell the Lord that.  He can handle it!  He will even help you to reach out to others just by being yourself and allowing Him to work through you!
Jesus is coming.  It is the cry of our hearts.  But the desire of our hearts should be that ALL go with us when He comes.  And that is up to us.

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