Sunday, May 28, 2017


The wonder OF the day.  Mere hours after the wonder ABOUT the day!  The violent wind, rain, thunder and lightning is now become gentle wind...glorious blue sky...slowly dancing trees...radiant sunlight!

Variety in sight;
the eyes to take delight!
Each limb and leaf to wave-
this sight, I want to save!
"A treat unto the eyes,"
creation testifies!
Gifts after the gale-
His mercies never fail!

Afternoon so real.
What glories to reveal
as He walks here beside-
His Presence edified!
And known unto the eyes.
Let go of all the "why's"
and revel in the sight
of afternoon delight!

The wonder of the day.  God produces it every day...constantly! 
If you are willing to look, there is something glorious to behold about His wondrous Presence at all times.  The only thing hindering that sight is you.

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