Saturday, May 27, 2017

Can YOU do that?

Breaking out.
It means clinging to The Sound Truth, while letting ourselves go into the unknown of being open to the Holy Spirit. 
Are YOU able to do that?

"O Father God, I come to You-
dependable and true--
bringing adoration and
the worship that is due;
knowing that I will receive
the very, very best...
knowing that, by coming to You,
we both shall be blessed!
But knowing NOT what blessings are
awaiting in Your hand.
You may have something on this day
that I can't understand...
You may have something that is hard
for this man to receive...
or something that flies in the face
of all that I believe!

Can I accept a thing from You
that bucks tradition's hold?
Can I raise my hands in praise
as such events unfold?
O keep me, Father, in Your hands,
pliable, yet firm,
that when You change direction
I will follow and not squirm."

"But we've always done it that way!"  The seven words that hinder the moving of God.  Sure, we've always done that, but what if God says it's time for something else now.
Are YOU able to do that?

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