Sunday, May 7, 2017

Afternoon away

Day is going by. 
Done, though, are the chores that had to be.  The time now is Ours...

So gentle is the ripple on
the face of Golfer Lake.
So perfect are the breezes as
some photographs we take.
God my Father walks beside
and points out many things
from the hawks, so high to soar,
to nightingales that sing!

Afternoon--so peaceful...
afternoon--so fine!
I wish I'd left the camera home
and brought a fishing line!
But afternoon, go slowly so
that later I'll recall
the beauty of your many sights,
and name them one and all!

Afternoon.  Away from TV.  Away from the house.  Away from "same old, same old..."  Present in His glorious creation, savoring His presence and His touch.
This moment did not happen accidentally.  It took some effort.  Most wonderful things do, but they are so worth it. 
TRY it for yourself.  God is ready!

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