Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Afternoon.  After "work."  After all that "needed" to get done.  Now, for that which I WANT to get done.  As I walk through the yard, I notice...

There is living on each branch
and, today, they sing!
Of glory and of majesty
the voices seem to ring.
As I go about the day
getting labors done,
the song they sing would help to turn
those labors into fun!

Or is it that they know that I
am filling feeders now?
Each time I do, the voices seem
to multiply somehow!
A song so very wonderful
to lift on any day!
To even set a temporary
peace along the way.

Just walking through the yard.
It isn't very hard.
Creator God beside
in Whom does life abide!

Taking time to enjoy creation this evening.  Leaving the day behind and savoring the time that God has made for me to do just this.  In Jesus Christ it can be done! 
I appreciate this time.  The birds appreciate this time!  And the fellowship we enjoy is a wonderful way to watch the day advance.

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