Wednesday, May 31, 2017


"Life is full of storms."
We hear that from teachers and speakers from a very early age.  Life is also, however, full of blessings.  In this day and age, unfortunately, we seem to focus on the storms.
Fortunately, God is enabling us to see more and more of the blessings that COME FROM the storms.

How far away that evening storm
containing yet such flash?
So glorious, the light within;
so silent yet the crash!
He knows exactly what it brings
and all that it will do,
but our reaction--it remains
up to myself and you.

It could bring a tornado...
it could be rain so light...
it could cause a sheet of ice,
or snow whence we delight.
No matter what the storm contains
we are contained in Him,
and He will keep us in the storm,
yes, every one of them.

The evening storm approaches.
How will we react?
Will we panic for the damage
that it may exact?
Or will we press on with knowledge
And, no matter what the storm does,
He contains our soul!

There have been some violent nights and days around of late.  We wake up or go to bed with reports of damage and death from the weather. 
What to do about it? 
What CAN we do?          
We choose to pray, and ask God to show it all to us through His eyes.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

More Living Truths

"O help us to live in the healing that You have already provided, Lord.
Help us to live in the reality of the Spirit instead of what is before our very eyes.
O Father, You were...You are...and You will be.  You are constant!   Help us to live in THAT reality!"
I am healed...even though it hurts sometimes.
I am wealthy...even though I may lack at times.
I am victorious...even though I may have setbacks.
I am a child of The King.  Does a king prevent his children from 'living?'  Of course not.  And part of 'living' sometimes means getting into trouble.  Even though I am royalty, I am not immune from 'life.'  I am, however, protected in this life by love that is availed through God and no other.  THE Father's love.

His arms wide open--lest I be

prevented from this life;
I have emotion--I know I must
turn to Him in strife!
I have desire--so I want to
spend much time with Him;
I have all this and He well knows--
He gave me all of them!
He made me how He wanted to,
with problems and with joys.
He made me to require Him
and make a joyful noise!
He made me to depend upon Him
as I go through life;
He made me for fellowship,
(and not just during strife!)

He made me, and He said "I love you

just the way you are!"
I look at Him and say "Without You,
I cannot get far!"
For He has given all we need
for every single day.
O tightly cling to Him Who is
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

More living truths.

We learn the reality of them as we daily live them out, and as He reveals them to us in His Word.
Learn them.
Practice them.
Draw people closer to Him as you live The Father's love in this life!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Just a holiday?

Today was a holiday.  Could you tell?

To get to these words only now
seems wrong!
But such has weighed upon my heart
but all, but all day long!
Those who had no work today,
they came through without end.
How many took time in reflection
of a hero and friend?

But to finally write down that
upon my heart all day.
Recording what comes as I listen
to Jesus Christ, The Way.
He brings to mind the names and faces
of them who gave all
sacrificing for their country--
answering the call.

"Ye fallen in the service
we so appreciate
what you've done for America
and others who relate.
Your honor be not overlooked
we thank God for you oft;
because of what you've done for us
our lives be yet aloft!"

What did you do today?  Did you accomplish everything that you set out to?  We are in a country where we are still free to do so...because of the selfless acts of others.
Remember them with me, won't you?

Sunday, May 28, 2017


The wonder OF the day.  Mere hours after the wonder ABOUT the day!  The violent wind, rain, thunder and lightning is now become gentle wind...glorious blue sky...slowly dancing trees...radiant sunlight!

Variety in sight;
the eyes to take delight!
Each limb and leaf to wave-
this sight, I want to save!
"A treat unto the eyes,"
creation testifies!
Gifts after the gale-
His mercies never fail!

Afternoon so real.
What glories to reveal
as He walks here beside-
His Presence edified!
And known unto the eyes.
Let go of all the "why's"
and revel in the sight
of afternoon delight!

The wonder of the day.  God produces it every day...constantly! 
If you are willing to look, there is something glorious to behold about His wondrous Presence at all times.  The only thing hindering that sight is you.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Can YOU do that?

Breaking out.
It means clinging to The Sound Truth, while letting ourselves go into the unknown of being open to the Holy Spirit. 
Are YOU able to do that?

"O Father God, I come to You-
dependable and true--
bringing adoration and
the worship that is due;
knowing that I will receive
the very, very best...
knowing that, by coming to You,
we both shall be blessed!
But knowing NOT what blessings are
awaiting in Your hand.
You may have something on this day
that I can't understand...
You may have something that is hard
for this man to receive...
or something that flies in the face
of all that I believe!

Can I accept a thing from You
that bucks tradition's hold?
Can I raise my hands in praise
as such events unfold?
O keep me, Father, in Your hands,
pliable, yet firm,
that when You change direction
I will follow and not squirm."

"But we've always done it that way!"  The seven words that hinder the moving of God.  Sure, we've always done that, but what if God says it's time for something else now.
Are YOU able to do that?

Friday, May 26, 2017

How can it be?!

The elements again.
I see it approaching and redouble my efforts to get things done before the storm hits!  The man across the valley, however, just continues doing what he must in spite of the weather!
What's wrong with ME?

The elements approach.
The violence to encroach!
ingredients for pain!

My neighbor down the way
is still out cutting hay!
The elements to phase?
His ways are not my ways!

We both serve the same God.
Our ways, though, be so odd!
And though MY day now ends,
we still remain great friends.

It's sprinkling now, yet he shows no signs of slowing down.  Is it habit?  Is it just the way I was taught?  Our ways differ in a lot of things, yet we still remain great friends.
How can that be?

Monday, May 22, 2017

That Hour

Thinking of that hour, that moment when the skies split apart and Jesus returns.  Thinking of that hour?  No.  CRYING OUT FOR THAT HOUR!!

How long until He gives command
and time comes to an end?
Is there enough left for this man
to speak to one more friend?
Is there time for me to speak His Name
in influential ways?
Is there time for me to lift my arms
in adoration praise?

There is no way to know how much-
it differs for us each.
There is but one constant, though:
we each have time to reach!
Don't let the speed of life disturb
the jobs that are at hand.
Do all you can and know that only
God may understand!

No man knows the day and the hour.  We all look forward to the Trumpet Blast and His return.  It is the yearning of many a heart!  There is so much to do, though, until then. 
How committed are you?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

More 'Wasted Time'

The view from this desk encompasses quite a bit of life.  A lot of it is on the wing.  A lot of THAT is of colors that easily elude this writer's vocabulary!
Creator God creating...

Listen to them sing!
So glorious, the spring!
Branches slowly dance-
the view for to enhance.
And those with gilded voice,
they gather and rejoice
about the lovely day
that God has on display!

The colors on the wing-
they would, the spectrum, bring
unto the seeing eyes-
again, the writer tries
to capture and contain
the words and the refrain
describing them so well...
Can ANY writer tell?

The branches and the limbs-
they hold such wondrous hymns
and colors to behold!
God's touch, once more, be told!

A colleague told me a while back that I waste too much time staring at things.  To him, I was merely "staring at things."  I am, however, beholding God's handiwork and receiving the wonder and glory of His creation...even if I can't describe it!
Have you "wasted time" lately?

Friday, May 19, 2017

Armed Forces Day

We have so much to be thankful for.  We thank God for our freedoms, and we thank the Armed Forces for protecting those freedoms:

So many are the branches-
much more than "in the day!"
And much more dangerous the job,
as this world has its way!
No matter what each person does,
no matter when they served,
we MUST make sure that each receive
the "Thanks!" they are deserved!

And so, Armed Forces, thank you
for being who you are...
for doing everything you do,
no matter near or far!
We pray for you and your protection
as you do the same;
we lift you each to God Most High--
your very souls to claim!

No matter what the branch is, you are very appreciated as you serve this blessed country.  Don't let anyone or anything convince you otherwise. 
Too, there are a countless number of people who are praying for your safety every day! 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Good Morning!" There

"Good morning!"  What will it be like,
that first time, for to know?
There is a promise in His Word,
to such a Place, we'll go!
Morning--there that glorious time
so present in that Place!
And spending all our living long
with Jesus--Lord of Grace!

Good morning--and all time will be
as He is only good!
We made the choice to serve Him here,
so that, rejoice, we could!
Around the throne of Jesus for
to spend eternity?
Or will He fill our ever after
with variety?

Good morning--but I cannot wait
to see my Jesus' face!
To hear "Well done, my good and faithful..."
as we're in embrace!
Whatever else He has in store
I know it shall be grand,
and He will show it to us each
as we walk hand-in-hand!


Good morning...good afternoon...good evening...regardless what time the Lord returns to get us, IT WILL BE GOOD!  And only 'good' will remain after that!

O, get excited, ye servant!  JESUS IS COMING!!

Monday, May 15, 2017

God, my Maker!

"O God, Your great creations!
(And all Your creatures, too!)
They thrill the very least of us,
and glory goes to You!
The mountains and the canyons,
lakes, rivers, oceans, too!
The people and the animals--
created all by You!
And this is only of the things
of which we are aware.
The planets, stars and that beyond
is also in Your care!
Can one even grasp the scope
of all that You have done?
Except for to declare, in all things,

Creator God.  Maker of all things.  He loves our praise and worship!  AND HE IS WORTHY OF IT!  Not just because of what He makes and what He gives, but for WHO HE IS: CREATOR GOD!
Give Him all of you and be amazed at what He can do with it!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

That gift from God

On this 'Mother's Day,' my mother be rejoicing in Heaven! 
There is another woman in my life, however, who is equally important and deserving of recognition: my beautiful wife!  She did her fair share of raising and caring for our kids... and me...and herself...and...and so much more!

The mother of my children--
she is a gift from God!
Her husband, friends and family
appreciate, applaud!
For she is one of virtue,
a child of The King;
her attributes, they flow from there;
and this day, of her we sing!

She gives much to so many
by working with her hands;
much talent and much duty,
(this husband understands!)
She's happy with simplicity,
(though many would forget;)
continues she so faithfully
to see that needs are met!

The mother of my children--
Though her plate would overflow,
a hand will she extend
sacrificing oh so much
to see to that of others.
She surely has a place if there's
a 'Hall of Fame' for mothers!

God made her by hand especially for me!  I thank Him daily as I pray for her, and share her with you with joy in words and verses!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

No stars!

Dark of night...overcast...lights out...but illumination is nonetheless.  It is because I am with Jesus my Light as we fellowship before bed...

Conversing with my Savior as
the moments come to pass;
reflecting on the verses I did,
earlier, amass.
So many words in beauty...
so many words alive...
He tells me even more, with
evening breezes to arrive.
And so many words in silence
as we are together.
Talk we Two about all things-
yes, even the weather.
But greater than mere words and talking,
we communicate!
Precious time with Christ my Savior,
yes, even this late!

It doesn't matter that I can't see anything.  I don't have to!  I know the safety of His Presence and the security of His company...ANY TIME!
Do you?

Friday, May 12, 2017

Beautiful Proof!

Late afternoon.
The elements again put on a show.

My Father's voice is very clear
right now upon the beach!
Be there a limit to the distance
His words are to reach?
So vivid is His touch with every
wave that crashes in...
then it recedes into itself
all over to begin!

Time to disappear when one
is this close to creation!
From all living should resound
the greatest of ovation!
Right before the very eyes--
how much proof does one need?!
The writer to believe, however,
as His praises proceed!

How glorious is His display of power and Presence here at the beach!  How poor be they that demand that God prove or present Himself as a sign!  ALL YOU MUST DO IS OPEN YOUR EYES!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Very early.
So much already on the agenda for today.
However long that list is, I know exactly what belongs at the top...

I listen with a quiet heart
because I need to hear.
At times, even 'thoughts' distract,
but if I persevere
I receive the voice of God
as only He can speak.
It is a communication
that is quite unique!

"So quiet, ye my heart, that I
receive what God would say.
I know that there's a word or message
for my life today!
That time with Him in silence, it is
holy and so real!
For there do I receive instruction-
His will to reveal!"

Shutting out the things I must
that nothing would distract.
Savoring His Presence as
my senses all, react!

So priceless is that time given/made for God alone.  The most important time of the day.  It is my prayer that you give it priority in YOUR day, as well.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Afternoon away

Day is going by. 
Done, though, are the chores that had to be.  The time now is Ours...

So gentle is the ripple on
the face of Golfer Lake.
So perfect are the breezes as
some photographs we take.
God my Father walks beside
and points out many things
from the hawks, so high to soar,
to nightingales that sing!

Afternoon--so peaceful...
afternoon--so fine!
I wish I'd left the camera home
and brought a fishing line!
But afternoon, go slowly so
that later I'll recall
the beauty of your many sights,
and name them one and all!

Afternoon.  Away from TV.  Away from the house.  Away from "same old, same old..."  Present in His glorious creation, savoring His presence and His touch.
This moment did not happen accidentally.  It took some effort.  Most wonderful things do, but they are so worth it. 
TRY it for yourself.  God is ready!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

"Even so, Lord, come..."

"Come back again, come back!
The world is out of whack!
For You alone will do.
'Come Back!' we cry to You!

Yes, even so, Lord, come.
Regardless of the sum.
We work until that Day
when You take us away!"

Yes, we work until that day.  Some may not even know that it's work.  For others, it is a great labor to live as if Jesus is living through us.  If that is you, pray about it.  Tell the Lord that.  He can handle it!  He will even help you to reach out to others just by being yourself and allowing Him to work through you!
Jesus is coming.  It is the cry of our hearts.  But the desire of our hearts should be that ALL go with us when He comes.  And that is up to us.

Friday, May 5, 2017


Across the way there are some folks,
I know them each by name.
They attend another church
with differences to claim...

Down the street there lives a man
I hardly ever see.
That's all that I know about him...
what does he know of me?

Around the corner lives a couple,
they treat us really good.
They always offer help.  Do I
thus offer what I should?

We all need each other, matter
not what separates.
When God asks if I gave my all
there will be no debates.

How did we become this way?
What is a "neighborhood?"
It used to mean we gathered and
watched for each others' good.

When someone waves and tells me "Hi!"
I wonder what they want.
Have we made it so that our homes
become our only haunt?

I thought about this a few weeks ago.  How many of us talk to our neighbors?  How many of us even know their names?  I was listening to "the coffee crew" at a restaurant recently talk about their neighbors and their neighborhood.  It was painful to hear.  Very few of them sounded happy.  How come?
Have I even reached out to my neighbors?  Am I even "reachable" myself.  How much guilt is visible if I must even ask these questions?

Thursday, May 4, 2017

National Day of Prayer

We are a people of prayer. May we never need a 'proclamation' to prove it! 
Though mentioning, ordaining and observing this day may be 'politically incorrect', it will not stop us! 

Upon my knees before the Great Almighty

upon my face with Jesus to defend;
upon my feet by Holy Spirit power,
so is our position to the end!

Spit upon by them that would oppose us,
ridiculed by wickedness on high;
persecuted even by the 'righteous,'
yet we tender adoration nigh!

"Gather we in boldness in the open,
proclaiming 'You are God, in You we trust!
You are over all of this great nation,
the fact You are aware can't be discussed!'
We turn, Lord, from the wickedness we savor!
In ashes, we desire to repent!
Each and every one of us is guilty!
Oh God, our every sin may we resent!

We are a nation blessed and highly favored.
Those blessings flow from You, oh God, alone!
You do not give us all that we desire,
nor what we deserve, oh Lord, is known!
No, You are a God of grace and mercy.
And we cry out to You but EVERYDAY!
Turn us back to what You would desire.
Here we are, oh Lord, please lead the way.

In JESUS' Name,

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Morning Briefing

So simple be the morning
filled with sounds of living...
filled with Jesus' Presence...
filled with thoughts of giving.

Simplicity at first light
while looking all around...
so simple is the life He gives
that it appears profound!

Too many people get up in the morning, turn on the news and wonder how they are going to deal with all that they are seeing.
Wouldn't we get more done if we got up in the morning, had a conversation with God and received instructions on how we are going to make it through the day?
I think so.  It works for me!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Afternoon.  After "work."  After all that "needed" to get done.  Now, for that which I WANT to get done.  As I walk through the yard, I notice...

There is living on each branch
and, today, they sing!
Of glory and of majesty
the voices seem to ring.
As I go about the day
getting labors done,
the song they sing would help to turn
those labors into fun!

Or is it that they know that I
am filling feeders now?
Each time I do, the voices seem
to multiply somehow!
A song so very wonderful
to lift on any day!
To even set a temporary
peace along the way.

Just walking through the yard.
It isn't very hard.
Creator God beside
in Whom does life abide!

Taking time to enjoy creation this evening.  Leaving the day behind and savoring the time that God has made for me to do just this.  In Jesus Christ it can be done! 
I appreciate this time.  The birds appreciate this time!  And the fellowship we enjoy is a wonderful way to watch the day advance.