Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Lord's Day

Enjoying the Presence of God on a beautiful Lord's Day!
Seeing a few things that need to be done to the yard before the next storm hits.  I cannot get them done without God's help.  He is faithful.  Therefore, I know it will get done.

Early in the afternoon
beholding His creation.
Unto the eyes, His handiwork
is quite a celebration!
How varied are the lovely trees...
the shrubbery...the grass...
One cannot miss the proof of Him
as the moments pass.

And one cannot miss the fact
that I must mow the lawn!
Already, in some peoples' eyes,
it's beauty is long gone!
A perfect task to be accomplished
later on today;
right now, though, in the able breeze,
just watch it gently sway!

Early in the afternoon,
out on the deck with God;
joining with all living things
His glory to applaud!
Listening so closely to
each thing He has to say.
What a glorious way to spend
a glorious Lord's Day!

Couldn't make it to church today.  Had a wonderful service anyway!  God is present right here in His beautiful creation, listening...responding...answering and moving as we spend time in His Presence!

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